The recent nomination and swearing in of Alhaji Jelili Adesiyan as Minister of Police Affairs by President Goodluck Jonathan is another demonstration that the PDP will do everything to mock, ridicule and throw party on the graves of former Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Chief Bola Ige. Let us remember that Chief Ige, a serving Minister of Justice was killed in suspicious circumstances in his Ibadan home. Let us recall that weeks before his death, Ige was subjected to serious physical and  mental attack by Senator Iyiola Omisore and his thugs, the height of this assault was the brazen manner an acolyte and thug of Omisore, known as Fryo removed the cap of Chief Ige at a public function in the Ooni of Ife’s palace. Let us recall that these events happened just a week to the brutal assassination of Ige. Let us recall that Fryo who was arrested for the murder of Ige made useful confessions but was later to recant in strange circumstances that point to deep schemes by the ruling PDP, deeply fingered in the murder of Chief Ige and for whom Omisore was a chieftain.
Let us recall all the drama and bizarre twists introduced in the sham trial of the murderers of Chief Ige, how the state then under the PDP, willingly bungled the trial. Let us recall that the prime suspect, Omisore was wangled to the senate when he was still in detention for the murder of Ige, in a deliberate way to mock and scorn the spirit of Bola Ige. Let us recall that the strange twist and open effort to let the murderers of Bola Ige go scot free led to the heart attack that killed the wife of Bola Ige, Justice Atinuke Ige. All these happened under the Obasanjo regime which wasted no time in ensuring that the quest to unravel the murderers of Bola Ige remains a case of whodunit till date. Of course, the entire machinations that consumed Ige and ensured that his alleged murderers go scot free was a PDP project and till today, the party had been smiling and dancing on the grave of Chief Bola Ige. Of course, the prime suspect in the dastardly act, Omisore went to the senate and embarked in a jamboree as his commission lasted. But with the people regaining their power to say who gets elected into public office, he was to be disgraced out of the senate in 2011, thus ending the era of a confirmed impostor.
With his rustication from the senate and with the eventual overthrow of PDP, the impostor of the South West in 2011, another version of the Ige mockery dance has started. Let us recall that Omisore and other political deadwoods in the South West who have found a comfortable nest in the PDP started gathering, with the old guard Afenifere with a view to negotiating relevance for themselves in the South West. With a mission to force through the rejected PDP hemlock on the politically sophisticated people of the South West, these rearguards with its operational headquarters in the Akure government house, started meetings and schemes to misinform, confuse and obfuscate South Westerners on their political choice and interests en route 2015. Oiled massively with funds from the Jonathan presidency, this cabal started engaging in reverse logic to arrest the progressive politics which today greatly benefits the South West against the doldrums the PDP had launched on the entire nation in the past fifteen years. Their goal is clear; make the South West amenable to the deadly politics of the PDP. This multilateral cabal is being directed and teleguided in the presidency and a certain presidential aide from the South West is fingered as being their cash delivery van from the rot infested Jonathan presidency. They are dreaming of re-taking the South West soon after they were rightly put in their proper place. By this, they are mistaking the South West as nit wits who can’t differentiate between the pestilence they ran when their accidental control of state power in the SW happened and the laudable revolutionary recovery of the South West from the wastes of the PDP era by the progressives. They believe that with much funds they gulp from the Jonathan presidency, they will succeed in conning the politically aware people of South West to go back into another period of political slavery in the hands of the vampires in PDP whose only mission is to rape and plunder. The three years Ogun, Oyo, Ekiti, Osun people have spent under the APC has exposed the people more about the possibilities in governance which the South Westerners never knew as the PDP mandarins and lords of the manor raided the states and visited mayhem and plunder. The great transformation Lagos has witnessed in fifteen years and Osun in the last three and half years of progressive governance has further convinced the people of the South West on the benefits of sticking to the same progressive politics their forefathers prescribed and stuck to for the period Nigeria’s history lasted.
As at today, the coalition of PDP and its allies in Labour Party, Accord Party and old Afenifere (derisively called Afenifere Akure) are stuck on the mission to doing the impossible which is enfooling all South Westerners to gulp the venom of the PDP. The South West has demonstrated unmistakable preference to reject the leaven of the corruption ridden, unproductive, clueless, disoriented, religiously divisive, ethnically driven Jonathan presidency. The region has elected to join other Nigerians to embrace the emerging coalition of Nigerians that want to replace the fifteen years of retrogressive PDP governance with a progressive governance that will rescue Nigeria from the rots the PDP sank it into. It is an emerging coalition that cuts across all sectional, religious and ethnic divides in Nigeria. What more, leading PDP members including state governors, having seen the light, have dumped the sinking PDP and joined the moving train anchored on the new, refreshing APC. The South West is blessed to be at the driver’s seat and the people are enthusiastic that the labours of our forefathers who fought for the enthronement of progressive politics is dawning at our time.
But the romp of reactionaries in the South West are not happy, they want to remain in the valley of tears which PDP has created in Nigeria. They have made themselves cheap wares and have fallen into the laps of clueless Jonathan and his dying party. These spent forces have made themselves available for seduction to the highest bidder. The desperate PDP and its presidency that stands out for gargantuan acts of corruption have the price and they have formed a symbiotic union for the purpose of diffusing the benefits South Westerners have been deriving from progressive politics and make the region pliable to the politics of the stomach which the PDP and the Jonathan presidency represent. They have multi-pronged approaches and all tilt towards deploying money, money and money to purchase the people like goats in an open market. With nothing to celebrate as achievement in the South West, these retarded forces are swinging all over with enormous cash. These forces can’t be happier working with a government that celebrate corruption and public stealing. They have been recycling themselves in phantom panels and committees like the Committee on phantom national dialogue where they ended up scripting what was dictated to them from Aso Rock as the equivalent of Nigerians and indeed South Westerners’ desire for a comprehensive restructuring of the stymied country. They ended up nominating themselves and their cronies for the conference even when everything point to the fact that it is leading to nowhere. They have sponsored themselves and their cronies to  public offices and other plum positions in the Jonathan presidency, but nothing is in it for the general masses of South Westerners. There are no regenerating federal projects, the federal roads in the South West remain death traps despite the half-hearted repairing of Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, even for which the completion is in doubt due to cacophony of tunes on availability of fund for the project, no South Westerner occupies any strategic office in Jonathan’s government and most importantly, the masses in the entire South West are feeling the pangs of the unproductivity of the Jonathan government, as there are no industries for its educated youths, no power, no safeguard against the negative forces unleashed by bad governance.
But in appointing a certain Adesiyan as Minister from Bola Ige’s Osun State, there is nothing hidden in the message Jonathan wants to send to the people of Osun, the Bola Ige family, the entire Yoruba and indeed Nigeria. Jonathan wants to follow the well known PDP scorn on Bola Ige. It is an entrenched PDP weapon on the spirit of Bola Ige, which Jonathan is simply exploiting. It seems that scorning Bola Ige is a pet project every PDP member wants to wave at the face of the distraught and still grieving family. Is it that Jonathan does not know of the involvement of Adesiyan in the murder of Bola Ige? If he didn’t know, were he not aware of the events on the floor of the Senate on the day Adesiyan was presented for screening? Granted that Jonathan, before his miraculous ascension to the zenith of power in Nigeria, was a mere tangent to the history of political development in Nigeria, was he not aware of the events that led to the murder of Bola Ige? In selecting one of his suspected killers as minister, what real message was Jonathan trying to send? In patronizing the chief suspect in Bola Ige’s murder and hoisting him in a wooden totem as the possible governor of Osun, is Jonathan being hit by amnesia about the feeling of loss every Osun man feels about the tragic fate of Bola Ige? Is Jonathan saying that only those remotely and immediately connected to the assassination of Bola Ige are good for the state? Is he rewarding those suspected of killing Bola Ige with favours for a job well done?  Even as we understand the limitations of Jonathan and his cronies, are they saying they cannot find men of honour and integrity in Osun to lead their discredited quest for a retake of Osun than those who have questions to answer about the cruel murder of Bola Ige? Is Jonathan and his mealy mouthed hirelings in Osun and indeed the South West saying that the Yoruba people are afflicted by amnesia that they don’t know the type of people leading the watery quest for a reclamation of the South West by PDP locusts?
All said, we have said it over time that the ensuing political battle in South West and indeed in Nigeria in the coming years will certainly bring out the beasts in the land. We are already being inundated with such beasts from the Afenifere Akure, what styles itself as Labour party in the South West and their masters in the Jonathan presidency and the PDP. But what any Yoruba man will ill tolerate is the continued defenestration of the spirit of Bola Ige by the PDP, which allegedly killed him in the first instance. What we cannot stand is the deification of those that should stand trial for the killing of Bola Ige. What we cannot stand is the deliberate effort to abuse the Yorubas by patronizing these ogres and hoisting them before us all as leaders. We cannot watch as a decadent political party and its unscrupulous hirelings continue to abuse and denigrate Bola Ige. Since Ige was killed, it had been a pet project to dishonor and revile his spirit. We feel this must stop and the best way for the Yoruba to stop this abuse of their intelligence by the PDP and President Jonathan is to combine efforts to deal them the heaviest defeat in the governorship election in Osun later this year and also in the general election coming up next year.
Right now, it is obvious that this group of PDP and its allied mercenaries will stop at nothing to ridicule and mock Bola Ige. How else can one situate the annoying appointment of someone closely fingered in the assassination of Ige than the appointment of Adesiyan? It is provocative as well as annoying. Let us recall that his nomination caused uproar in the South West which is still ruing the murder of Ige. Let us call to mind the melodrama that happened in the senate when this character was presented for screening and Adesiyan was shedding volumes of crocodile tears.

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