I will return to Nigeria, February 6th – President Muhammadu Buhari

Special Adviser on Media and Publicity to President Muhammadu Buhari, Femi Adesina has revealed the day his principal will return.
This is as he described the growing tension over the health of the president as “purely unnecessary”.
In a chat with TVC on Friday, the presidential spokesperson reiterated that the President is hale and hearty.
Adesina also disclosed that Buhari is expected back into the country on February 6th.
He told those calling on the President to speak to Nigerians on the true state of his health to respect his rights, saying no one can force the President to speak.
Adesina said: “The growing tension about President Buhari’s health is purely unnecessary. The president is just simply fine. I speak with people around him at regular interval.
“For his age, President Buhari is fit and capable of paddling the affairs of the country.
“He turned 74 last December and if you look at his engagement in the last two months, you will agree with me that it’s been very engaging. Remember his role in the Gambia issue.
”My candid advise for those peddling the rumour is to change their mind and remain positive about this administration.”
He further urged those peddling rumours to redirect their energy to other meaningful activities that will benefit the entire citizenry.

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  • we will wait for your return……. wish you queek recovry sir

  • Baba will return in shaa Allah. Masu gudu su gudu.

  • Get well soon

  • Why are you telling him to get well soon? He didn’t say he is sick. He said he was going on vacation and will go for routine health check during this period.

  • Baba stay there I beg, people are tired ohhh………….

  • Insha allah

  • May the almighty Allah bring you safely (Amin).Those wishing you death shall die before you insha Allah. May Allah continue to guide and lead you aright (Amin),and may He guide and give you the wisdom to lead our mothers land aright (Ameen).

  • It’s not the president that said so but Adesina the second lai Mohammed

  • Story for the gods

  • We they wait

  • Your coffin

  • Even if is 20 years time, dat day must come.

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