Fani-Kayode: El-Rufai must become vice-president

Former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode, has claimed that Governor of Kaduna State, Nasir El-Rufai, will become vice-president “when President Muhammadu Buhari is declared dead”.

Fani-Kayode, took to his Twitter account Friday morning, to state this in reaction to the visit of former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, to El-Rufai this week.

Acting President, Osinbajo holds closed door meeting with Dogara, Reps

He wrote: “When Buhari is declared dead the plan is for Osinbajo to appoint Nasir El Rufai as his VP. Tony Blair has come to Kaduna to convey British approval of that plan. El Rufai is slotted to take over from Osinbajo in 2019 but God will shock them. When will the Brits leave us alone?

“When will they stop manipulating us and interfering in our affairs? The blood of the Christians and Shiite Muslims of S. Kaduna speaks against El Rufai and the Buhari admin. Their time is over and their power is broken. The Lord shocked Buhari. He will shock this lot too.”

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  • This junkie wants PMB dead at all cost!

  • FFK, are you a follower of mountain of fire ministry? Why always death everytime, pls have a rethink cos you are a leader within your own circle.

  • Exposing or spreading the falsehood information.. Does he think: It would in anyway make million of Nigerian love him..

  • inshaa Allah, you will die before him

  • Ur comment is d dullard.

  • FKK, u be mumu wey no get work to do and heartless person..

  • Is Nigeria still subservient to Britain? Why?

  • Kayode,ur party has its chairman frm d muslim north nd d party resolved to field its presidential canditate frm north come 2019,is it another handwork of britain?Some ppl in their quest to spread hatred end up abusing their intelligence if they hv any.

  • If PMB die today he will be appointed as Nig President Nonsense

  • Before, MKO drank his last tea as made by Susan Rice and Supervised by Pinkering, Britain and UN sent down our own Anyaoku, and Kofi Anan to persuade him to jettison his mandate, off course he refused.
    Do you also know that, General Abdusalam was already anointed the Head of State before Abiola was taken out.
    Have you ever pondered on why Obj was released and given State Pardon straight from prison before any member of that botched 1995 coup. Because, he was already picked by the international community as replacement for President. They had to draft old man, Jimmy Carter to come and supervise his enthronement in that 1999 charade called election. My dear, be it known to you that Africa and Africans are still been manipulated by the West, Politically, Economically, Socially, even Culturally.

  • This dullard shouldn’t get anywhere around the president o, he wants the man dead at all cost…

  • Even if that happens why are you drinking pepper soup before delivery abi you jobless ni? Is this not the FFK that destroyed the aviation industry and stole billions? Please Mr man go and rest we have seen and experience your handiwork and know no good thing can come from you.


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  • Something is fishy here ooo

  • You get mouth now,why can’t you invite trump to ile Ife or anywhere you hail from

  • So u want to return ur evil plan as u did when yar’adua died, u picked Namadi from kaduna as vice president to Jonathan, not because u likes him, rather u want to a christian to become the Governor of the state. That was how the late Yakowa become the Govt of the State and he was used to kills Muslims in Kaduna. Numerous muslims were kills at Yakowa’s regime; which he was finally died with Late Azazi resulted from plane crashed. This time around u won’t succeed. IDIOT!

  • In your dreams

  • These fani kayode supposed to be in psychatric hospital by nw i dont think this is ordinary eye o.

  • Make una no mind FFK o una no say e no dey power again & e no see money chop again & Buhari don deal with am well well na him make am dey shout.

  • Friaon Fani Karun my Allah cotinue to given PMB good health Insha Allah. FFK My Allah reject u in dis world and d day of reconey amin

  • This FFK finally finished himself with his this useless and stupidity comment on president buhari. God will never forgive FFK with his this comment on mr. President.

  • Is there a provision in the constitution that could make our law-breakers automatically make a sitting governor bcom v.p when we av d number 3 citizen?

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