Don Moen is not dead he is alive and healthy

As reported by American medium that the Popular American music maestro, Don Moen is dead but the death is rumour yet to be confirmed.

The  American medium reported that the gospel singer  evangelist died after a short battle with stomach pain.

“An American singer-songwriter, pastor evangelist, Don Moen has died after short battle with stomach pain.

“His family confirmed that he died early this morning at General Acute Care (GAC) Hospital in California shortly after being rushed to the hospital.

“The cause of his death is not immediately known as the body is deposited at the morgue for autopsy. “President Donald also has expressed his tributes, saying Don Moen was “one of the best gospel artists that the country has ever produced@ it said.

Many have taken to their twitter handle to comiserate with the family of Don Moen, however many more twitters insist that the popular evangelist is alive, hale and hearty while others queried the autenticity of the death news.

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  • You shall live and not die, thank you Jesus

  • Don Moen, you shall live to declare the glory of the lord in the land of the living in Jesus mighty name…….. Amen

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