Chris Brown Warns His Future Girlfriends: ‘I’m Gonna Make You Miserable’

The ‘Liquor’ hitmaker shares a disturbing video on Instagram in which he admits that he’s the kind of a guy who will be ‘stalking the f**k out’ his girlfriend.

Good luck with finding yourself a new girlfriend, Chris Brown! The R&B star may have scared girls away with his recent Instagram post. On January 31, he took to the social media to share a disturbing video that featured him telling his future girlfriends what kind of a lover he is.

“Ladies, y’all be complaining about n***as being, like, stalkers and in love with y’all, kinda crazy and s**t and you get tired of it. Well, guess what? I’m one of them n***as!” he said in the clip posted as an Instagram story. He added, “I’m one of them n****s! If I love you b***h, ain’t nobody gonna have you. I’m gonna make you miserable. I’m going to chase that n***a out and I’m gonna chase yo a** around and it’s done.” 

He further said, “Ladies, y’all ever deal with a n***a that just be like blowing your s**t up, hopping gates, stalking the f**k out of you and getting on your nerves? Well s**t I’m one of them n****s. If I love you b***h, ain’t nobody gonna have you, f**k that. I’m playing up everything.”

People soon took to Twitter to react to Chris’ creepy confession. “Chris Brown admitting he’s that crazy stalker ex boyfriend on his instagram story like … we already know,” someone wrote. Another didn’t take it seriously as posting, “chris brown is such a taurus lmao, his instagram story got me dead.”

Some others expressed concern over Chris’ threatening statement. “This man needs help. Nothing cute about this behavior,” someone tweeted.

Chris was recently caught in a dispute with Soulja Boy over Chris’ ex Karrueche Tran and plans to settle it with a boxing match. Chris reportedly called out Soulja after the latter liked Karrueche’s picture on Instagram. 

However, according to Soulja, the real reason of the dispute has something to do with Rihanna, not Karrueche. Soulja claimed that Chris got mad at him because he was jealous of Rihanna hitting him up and asking him to hang around with her.


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