The Director General of the Olusola Oke Campaign Organisation, Bola Ilori has distanced himself and his supporters for the deadly clash which causality has now rose to 10 killed in Ondo city in Ondo state.

Speaking through his Facebook page and tweeter handle, Bola Ilori said “MY SUPPORTERS ARE NOT INVOLVED in the deadly clash that left 8 dead in Ondo over the weeked. It is APC vs APC fracas between Mrs Fagbemi and Dr Ademodi boys.”

“For the avoidance of doubt, none of my supporters was involved in the deadly clash. The clash that claimed eight souls was APC vs APC fracas between the boys of Mrs LOLA FAGBEMI led by one guy popularly called Sir T and the boys of DR BAYO ADEMODI led by one Mr Jebutu (his car was destroyed at the APC secretariat)”.

Ilori said that the crisis was due to superiority contest between two factions of the APC in Ondo City. “I learnt it was because one group was trying to show supremacy over the other and claiming to be the genuine supporter of Aketi while the other is fake in posturing for relevance and subsequent appointments.”

“It will be recalled that, apart for age long rivalry, while Mrs Fagbemi has been a supporter of the new Governor through the APC primaries to the Governorship election. On the other hand, Dr Ademodi only supported Aketi during the main elections” Ilori said.

Report has it that the police have since arrested the leaders of the boys from both camps. It’s on record that none of my supporters was among those killed, attacked or arrested.

Many of those killed were in APC cloth.

Ilori called on the police to stop echoing rumours in attempt to drag other political parties into a solely APC problem and embark on thorough investigation to dig out facts and not propagating baseless rumour.

While commending the security agencies for rising to control the crisis that has serious potential of escalating, Ilori said he” condemn in totality the killing of 8 Ondo residents and tens of others seriously injured”.

Ilori admonished that the current Nigerian Army patrol in the city should be vigilant against possible reprisal attacks by the family and friends of the deceased.

I pray peace returns to our land, the repose of the soul of those killed and quick recovery of the dozens of people seriously injured!” the statement concluded

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