Biafra: I never doubt Garba Shehu incompetence – Ezekwesili

Co-convener of the Bring Back Our Girls Group, Oby Ezekwesili,has slammed presidency over warning issued to her over biafra agitators.

Earlier, Garba Shehu, asked Ezekwesili to watch her comments over military campaign against Biafra supporters, describing the attacks on soldiers and police officers by IPOB supporters as, “most irresponsible, indefensible and reckless.

Ezekwesili has, however, fired back at the president’s advicer, describing him as a master of acute incompetency.

“Well aware of Garba Shehu ‘s ACUTE INCOMPETENCY so let me give him another opportunity to STUDY my advice to Pres @MBuhari and don’t RAT OFF.

“As usual, you did NOT DISAPPOINT at all in your well known incompetence, Mr Shehu.

“Well done to you, sorry for the country.”

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  • You don’t need to join issues with him,you have made your point, they will not understand because of their timidity

  • u hav never mean well to my nation u bounch of hell….tirelessy garba shehu working to awere nigerians on good issues comproning my nation…..i always likes pmb

  • RIP English @mohamed

  • You’r incompetence for quite a while supporting terrorist

  • madam.when this guy was calling inocent yoruba tribe animals you never call him to govt should watch till he turn to terrorist?

  • The Current Administration will never hear the Truth cos They Destined for destruction.

  • Ezekwesili you are no longer relevant in the system. Don’t get yourself ship popularity .

    • No be only ship na sheep. Oya take correction, cheap!

  • Stupid woman

  • Inyamura is always inyamura, you have to be unbiased by condemn all parties Militants and soldiers.
    Why i called them militants, Bcos they killed innocent people in Abia!!!
    Why can’t you condemned killing and burnt down of police station and mosques that IPOB did????
    Inyamura is always Inyamura!!!

  • Madam Oby ought to respond to the message and not resort to personal attacks. Who is she to describe Mallam Shehu as incompetent? The last time I checked, she is still addressed as MrsOby Ezekwesili.

    • The problem with you Hausa fulani people is that you people are full of unnecessary arrogance and pride. You hate the igbos because they’re Christians but the last time I checked the Christian countries made you people who you are today, whatever you people are enjoying today was made possible by the same Christian countries. Without which you people be nothing.

    • ChiChi Maduka, you are way off the topic of discussion. Go and read the history of Islam and stop this descend to ignorance for once.

    • Chichi you’re right.
      These guys hate the igbos bcos there is no trace of Islam in them, unlike the Yorubas that have mixed multitude.
      Anyways, our Lord Jesus Christ predicted it that, “ye shall be hated, put in prisons, killed and persecuted for my sake.” It’s normally normal. But I’ve vowed before God, that I shall die a natural death, and no infidel can kill me. So shall it be!

    • Another off target contribution. Get to understand the post first.

  • Madam are you sure the Shehu in question understand? that word Incompetency. Lol i d my house Shehu come beat me lol

  • Madam competency is still jobless. Baba find something for her make we hear word.

  • Maxwell Emmanuel Uduafemhe

    With respect, Mrs. Ezekwesili when they were clapping for as you were pulling GEJ down, we warned you. They have no regard for women who know too much.

  • Madam must you condem all goverment bcos they give you any political appointment? As educated person you should know better wat treason is and if you don’t know you should keep your mouth shot.

  • Madam big mouth

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