There are indications that the Federal Government of Nigeria has heeded the long call by the governor of the State of Osun; Ogbeni Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola on the need for it to open the security and emergency lines for the benefits of all Nigerians as the first and only 24-hour national bureau of directory and information services, a typical national emergency call number with links to Federal Road Safety Corps, police and fire service has been launched.

Named  “7411 bureau of information”, the service also has businesses listings, people finders, driving directions, tax advices, address finders, health histories, record back-up, weather forecasts, reverse phone tracker, and jobs finder.

To have easy access into information and life saving tips just dial 7411 on any phone in Nigeria and +2347411 from outside Nigeria., the technical company in charge of the project quoted Dr. B.M Sani Adamu, director of engineering at the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) as saying that the “commission is committed to building information rich Nigeria”

He enjoined Nigerians to embrace the use of the services to aid information knowledge level, business development and contribute to progressing the Nigeria we all desire.

“The need to correctly find and be found in Nigeria cannot be overlooked or pushed to the back in the development process of any serious country wishing to make proper development. Gone are the days when life changing information and tips are prized above money, we must not forget the role of information accessibilities in human per capita development” Adamu added.

When fully operational, the national directory number can comfortably handle 670,000 callers at a time.

This is made possible by advanced simulative telecommunication technology, similar to that presently deployed in Israel, United States, Britain and Dubai.

Matt Howard, chief technical officer, said that the data centre is an advanced one of a kind, built with over 13 million different software used in B2B directory tracking, global positioning, 24-hour traffic surveillance people finders, stock market analysis reporting, finger print readers, facial recognition software, vehicle tracking, crime scene reporting, CCTV Data records and backup, cross marketing and emergency response call forwarding to police and trained authorities.

He said that “The centre will presently receive in – bound enquiry calls from over 3,000 Nigerians at a time for now, and about 27 million enquiries can be processed every day as we speak”

“We are working to increase inbound trunks to accommodate 10 million callers at a time. This we should achieve before the end of June 2014.  As at today, we have employment for over 3,000 Nigerians, majorly trained statistics and data dissemination experts, multi lingual Distress experts; anti-terrorist negotiators, doctors ,first aid nurses ,pilots, call centre agents, career development advisors, weather experts, IT and Technical experts and so on. They will offer professional services daily to Nigerians” Howard added.

Ms. Denise Cann, the company’s chief operating officer also stressed that the directory number – 7411 may equally serve as a counter terrorism number into which the entire nation may dial into at the hour of need.

“Such distress calls or emergency will be forwarded to police or the joint task force as the case may be for rapid intervention.  We will work with major companies like Google GPS, NIGCOMSAT, CBN, GLO1 and Main one to achieve these noble feat” she said

Nodding in agreement, Howard added that  “Though not primarily set up for emergency responses; but we are also capable of connecting to all emergency units, and such would not deprive the citizens of Nigeria the right to instant help at critical time of need.” is also has an online presence, where several important and critical information can be downloaded from.

A man/woman can actually stay on the website for 24hours every day learning new things and without getting bored, as the website is as interesting as the entire lofty programme, from dating, to health news, to finding your friends and loved ones, also co-locating job openings& vacancies, is the place to be he asserted.

Coded and designed by advanced team from Nigeria, U.S.A, India and Canada, “the web portal and telephone services will excite Nigerians for years to come” concluded Matt Howard.

It would be recalled that the governor of the State of Osun; Ogbeni Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola had on many occasions appealed to well meaning Nigerians to prevail on the Federal Government to open the security/emergency lines for the benefits all. The governor had made the call during the launching of 150 Hilux Vans for the use of the Swift Action Squard SAS, a security outfit put together by his government, he also made the call during the launching of the State Ambulance Services tagged O’Ambulance in Osogbo.

The governor also made the call during the donation of 100 security Vans to the State of Osun Police Command also in Osogbo while Ogbeni Aregbesola made the most recent call during visit of the leadership of Nigeria Guild of Editors to the government house few weeks ago.

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