Ade adetimehin and omo’ba adesanya, ondo state apc publicity secretary, collected #10 million from senator patrick ayo akinyelure , then pdp senatorial candidate, to work against chief tayo alasoaduara , then apc senatorial candidate, while hon abegunde abena and saka yusuf ogunleye also collected #6 million from him (senator ayo akinyelure ) to work against chief tayo alasoadura.

It was chief Di kekemeke and Bola Ilori they want to kill today who saved apc from losing ondo central senatorial and reps elections to pdp in the 2015 general election when adetimehin, saka yusuf, abayomi adesanya and hon abegunde abena rejected the primary election which returned chief tayo alasoadura has the candidate of apc against hon abegunde abena who lost the election in the primary election.

Senator patrick akinyelure is alive.
Senator tayo alasoadura is alive.
Those who worked closely with these two candidate are alive.
I urge the good people of ondo state to carry out independent investigation into these allegations and find out the true enemies of apc.
Ade adetimehin is a destroyer. Ondo state would have lost all the 2015 elections in the state if he had emerged as state chairman early 2014 state congress.

Ade adetimehin, saka yusuf, hon abegunde , adesanya and their co anti party groups should bring the results of their pooling units. They should tell how pdp got the number of votes it got in their units. Saka yusuf is the worst in their ring.

Anybody who intends to verify this claim should contact alasoadura group in ondo central. It is a pity senator Alasoadura is contesting for second term.

By Olukorede Momodu

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